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Look over current procedures, engagement, growth & overall analytics to determine if the correct market is being targeted. Dive into what is working and what should be changed.

Design & Build

Determine which accounts are most appropriate for your business and set them up to maximize reach and hit your goals. I will use professional design tools to create or redesign your profiles to portray your business appropriately to your ideal target market.

Create a Plan

We'll work together to outline the best plan for your social media and marketing goals. This will be the framework we use to set up campaigns and determine whom we're targeting.  


Social Media advertising is powerful and gives tools and metrics to put your business products/services in front of the ideal client. I'll help you use these tools to reach more people and increase sales.

Content Creation

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Photo Editing

Not every moment is caught with a professional camera. I'll take care of editing and retouching photos to keep your pages looking professional.


Graphic Design

From event advertisements, sales, announcements to a funny meme, I got you covered. Branded messages are a great way to create a visually appealing page.



It is pretty difficult for small businesses to produce only original content. I can source relevant content your followers will enjoy to fill in the gaps and will keep your feed engaging.

View client pages for more examples:

Beach Bums | Vineyard Industry Products | SLO Wellness Center 


Daily Monitoring

Reputation management is crucial, and daily monitoring of feeds is necessary to track engagement and keep online reputation positive.


Social Media is a great, if not the best place, to talk with your customers. Your business gets to have its own voice. I'll reply to customers, answer questions and respond to reviews. It is also important to engage with those that don't follow you yet to build your following.


I'll be monitoring analytics across multiple profiles daily. We'll set up a check-in process, so we're on the same page about growth, traffic & increased revenue.

Example of Report

Additional Services

Event Planning

I've successfully booked, planned and marketed many live music and events. As a community manager I am able to work with local vendors to assist in your next event.

Booked / Managed Events for:

Beach Bums 


Old Cayucos Tavern

Email Marketing

Familiar with popular email marketing programs. Can help build, maintain and grow an email audience through newsletters and targeted campaigns. Need help getting them to click back to your site.. I can help.


Monthly Newsletter

Product Newsletter

I create packages that are customized to your unique business needs.

(Pricing below is a general guideline only.)

Social Media Price Points:

Packages Starting at $1000/month

Every business has different needs and generally, we can work together to find something within your budget that helps you grow your business. Project price will be determined by those individual needs and laid out in a proposal for your specific business.


Contact Me today for a free proposal or to set up a time to chat!

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